Christian Counseling Services



B & S Counseling & Training Center is a human service company providing faith-based and psychological counseling and therapy services to the community.

Our purpose is to bring healing and restoration to persons in every area of their lives: spirit, soul, and body. We use a unique blend of psychology and theology to diagnose our client’s experiences to aid them in taking control of themselves and thereby being able to take control of life’s situations and circumstances no matter the challenge.

Our goal is to equip each client with the tools, skills, and ability necessary to identify problematic emotion in an experience and the toxic thoughts that are producing the emotions so that they can replace the toxic thought with healthy ones. Rather than reacting to stimuli coming from without, they will be empowered by learning to respond from within.

Training them to control from within give the courage, confidence, boldness, and conviction that they are no longer victims of life experiences but victors.