Christian Counseling Services



At B&S Counseling, we treat all of our clients with dignity, respect, and privacy.  We strive to make services available to people of all cultures and religions. Our professional counselors make it their mission to empower our clients to meet their goals.  In addition to the high emphasis we place on our clients’ success, we also believe in developing our staff to enable them to accomplish their future career aspirations.


The Right Choice

Licensed and experienced counselors with compassionate, Christian–centered, and personalized service for you and your family. You can count on our respect and honesty.


Confidentially Guaranteed

Your confidentiality is guaranteed, and we are committed to offering a judgment-free environment to create positive change and positive outcomes for every client.


Supportive and Quality Care

We pride ourselves on having the right expertise to work collaboratively with clients, to help you experience emotional well-being, and reach your fullest potential.


Our team of highly trained and compassionate counselors wants to empower you to lead the life you’ve always wanted. We focus on understanding unique health needs that are key to well-being and growth. At B&S Counseling, we are driven to help our clients discover a new outlook on life and overcome challenges.