Christian Counseling Services



Anger can be a necessary and useful emotion. It shows us that something is wrong and motivates us to take action. Expressing anger in a healthy way, directing that towards controlled and positive change, and then letting it go is all part of a healthy relationship with anger. When left unchecked, anger can lead to behaviors we later regret, often hurting others and isolating us from those we love.

At B&S Counseling, we count it a privilege to walk beside every person who comes through the doors.

We provide a caring and supportive place to share your story. We want to help people tell their stories, and to this end, we feature a customized counseling program tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. A consistent, intensive experience enables clients to resolve root issues and achieve treatment goals.

Key focus areas include:

  • Understanding Stress and Anger (Good and Bad)
  • Physiological Response to Stress and Anger
  • Identifying the Cause of Stress and Anger
  • Controlling Yourself